Here's why that abusive relationship was actually a good thing
The dust has barely settled since youve left the negativity thats shrouded your life for so long. You felt trapped, and you were in pain for a while. You finally mustered up the courage to get out of it, but you still feel like nothing will lift you from your present gloomy state. But this guide is here to help you get through these heavy, clouded days.

Often, it gets nasty after being with someone for a while. The signs are insidious, but they cut deep. Youve started staying with them just for the familiarity that they provide. Because youre scared. Youre scared of the jolting reality of being alone, rather than being dependent on someone else. But using someone else as your crutch is unhealthy in any relationship, be it abusive or healthy.

You have to learn how to take care of yourself, and on the way, you learn how to take care of your partner (or in this case, realize that you shouldnt be with them.) You have to get let go of the romantic and nostalgic reasons that youre with someone, and learn how to jump into new waters, no matter how scary they might be.

His bad behavior and manipulation that youve put up with might make you feel duped and foolish, but hes actually taught you how to be a woman. Now you have the strength to console yourself, without needing to fall for the fake sorrys that have passed you by before. You can finally have the strength to say no, and though it might seem terrifying at first, the shock will wear off, and youll feel the best that you have in years.

In the beginning, youll miss him. Dont feel bad about that. Youll learn not to, eventually. Not feeling guilty about missing him is an important part of the process, actually. When you think about him, dont try to force it away. Just let the moment pass, and think about the next. Remember that time heals, and feeling bitter or resentful wont do anything positive to the process.

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