Hawaiian surfer, Mark Healey, may have not only ridden the biggest wave of his life but possibly the biggest wave ever paddled into!

Yesterday morning at the famous surfing beach of Puerto Escondido Mexico, waves of record height washed through the beach town and actually were called called the biggest anyone has ever seen at the the beachside vacation town.


Healey described the session:

It let me in, and I just thought Oh, wow, thats a big wall. I got my edge in and I didnt wanna bottom turn too fast, cause there was so much water and I wanted to see what it was going to shape up and do. So Im bottom turning so it doesnt outrun me, like, Oh my god

He added how he almost drown on the wave:

I dont think I wouldve ever got up and got a breath if I didnt have that Patagonia vest on. The thing thats so scary about there, is that its exploding so violently, and theres like eight feet of aerated water. No matter how hard you fight, you cant get your head up for a breath. Even with that vest fully inflated, I was barely getting breaths. My eyes would come up and Id just get pulled back down or sideways, trying to get little sips of air without taking in water.

It was really scary out there this morning. Glad everyone is OK. Managed to be in the right place for a solid one on my @meeksboards / @wrv1967 98 @moralesedwin @depactus @electric_surf @gopro @monsterenergy @watermanspack @revdsurf @watermanssunscreen #PuertoEscondido

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