As the young jumper approaches the rail, his bare hands shaking in nervous anticipation. His friend Miklos prepares to film his buddy take his first BASE jump in Konakova, Russia from a 600 foot high radio tower.

With the anxiety on his face is clear, he makes the leap into the snowy abyss. Seconds into his fall it becomes clear that the mans parachute has failed to open and he plummets towards the earth.

This is the nightmare.

He hits the ground with a muffled thud and a puff of snow as his friend can only look down from above. The friend can only look on helplessly as he holds the camera over the precipice to see any signs of life on the floor below.

Miraculously, the man survives the fall thanks to the soft snow conditions. He didnt escape unscathed. He fractured his vertebrae, pelvis and legs.