Copyright 2011 CorbisCorporationYou took the numbers of some girls and youve even gotten a few that you really like. Youre talking to more and more of them and suddenly you decide that you want to text them.

You want to text them good night text messages. So firstly, you want to make sure that youre on good enough grounds with her emotionally so that you can send her a text message before you go to bed. If youre being the guy whos too needy hold off. If youre in character and not too needy, then by all means, go ahead. Send a girl a good night text message.

Here are a few you can bounce around with until you start coming up with your own.

1. Good night.

Traditional. Easy. The kind of thing youd send to somebody that you care about and if you care about the girl, dont get all fancy. Dont try to spike her with something that youve spent days thinking about, dont try to tickle her with anything that youve been saving up, just wish her a good night.

2. Tell her something horrible as a non-sequitor, then wish her good night.

This is one of the more advanced ones. You tell her something that youve noticed in life, that doesnt really relate to her going to sleep, then wish her good night. Sound confusing? Its not.

Heres an example that you can go by. Isnt it weird that people never know the names of 80s one-hit wonders? This is my way of telling you good night. Boom. Simple. Over and done with, and you can stop worrying about what else to say to her.

3. Funny Good Night Text Messages

Im a huge advocate of stupid jokes, they help alleviate certain situations, even if theyre atrocious, they can still get a laugh and everybody likes them. How many stupid jokes have you heard over the years? How many times have you laughed at them and found some enjoyment deep inside yourself, despite knowing that theyre terrible, terrible jokes?

Probably a lot. So text her a dumb joke, then tell her good night. One of my favorites? Why did Mickey break up with Minnie? Because she was fucking goofy. This is also an easy way to see if shes into you and tries to sexually escalate.

4. Sweet Good Night Text Messages

Ill never be able to fall asleep if you dont wish me good night.

This one, you have to make sure that youre not a guy who she perceives as needy. Otherwise, youre harassing her to text message you back, a situation that would annoy any sane and rational person. So you dont want to be one of the annoying people, so just back off.

Women hate it as it comes off as needy, nothing good comes from being that guy.

5. A quiz question, or an interesting fact.

There are a ton of great websites that you can draw interesting facts or trivia from, including They list things that you might never have thought of, or maybe surprised to learn. Guess what? Having knowledge about a certain topic of interest is the same thing as adding value to someone.

If you know something thats interesting, pester them about it. For instance, I bet you dont know why pirates wore eyepatches on their heads. If they respond positively, tease them. Tell them that youll be able to tell them more in the morning.

Itll infuriate them, as theyll be invested in you all night, and be waiting to get an answer in the morning. Pretty cool, right? Creates all sort of investment headed back towards you. A Good kind of investment.

6. Think of how many people are all looking at the same sky right now. And were two of them. Goodnight.

This ones a bit poetic. If youve got a girl that you feel strongly about or makes you feel poetic, what you want to do is express that instead of holding it inside. Holding it in never makes for an interesting story or a good emotional release, if you want to know what would be the best idea for any course of action, go for the fun story.

The beautiful thing about social interaction is that every persons will be different, everyone will have nuances that other people wont have, so the most important is to figure out your own good night text messages to send to your girls.

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