So youre ready. Youre tired of not getting it done. You hate the look of polite disappointment you keep seeing on the faces of the women you sleep with. Its not like youve done anything wrong, and they dont mind. Not too much. What else would they expect? Youre an ordinary guy.

Ordinary guy = ordinary sex.

Thats exactly what youve been doing. Ordinary is the story of your sex life thus far. Its time to start giving the ladies the sex that they dont expect from someone like you. She wont think there is anything ordinary about having the most powerful orgasmic experience of her life after they sleep with you.

Its time for you to learn the emotional and pleasure-creating techniques of Allen Allmans Revolutionary Sex.

Allen Allman has an interesting experience that led to the creation of the Revolutionary Sex program. Its a tale that starts long ago, on a rainy college campus and the magical evening in a female classmates dorm room ruined by his own sexual incompetence. That is when Allen Allman made a decision: he wasnt going to let his life be ruined by his ignorance about how sex works and how to really make women happy in bed. The next stop Allman made? The library. There he threw himself at any book he could find on the topic of sexuality, everything from the erotic Ancient Greek poetry of Sappho and the sex weirdness of Henry Miller novels to Masters and Johnsons famous sex study and the feminist classic Our Bodies, Our Selves.

orgasma5What he learned in that library is information that men usually never find out about women and pleasing women. Its for men who want WAY more than just the silly crap they tell you works on women in cheesy Maxim articles or what you might have seen in most porn…

This is Jedi level stuff that (if you actually APPLY it in the bedroom… or up against the wall, or wherever) will literally blow her mind and get her completely ADDICTED to having sex with YOU.

Women, many women, whole bedrooms full of women, can benefit from the sexual techniques youll learn in Revolutionary Sex. This is coming from a man who freely admits he doesnt think hes especially attractive, a man who in the past has been embarrassed about both the size of his penis and his inability to keep it up, yet knows now that there is no woman he could not sexually please.

And so can you.

Youre not going to just have sex with her, youre going to change everything she thinks she knows about sex.

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orgasma4If youve already got the skills to get her phone number and a date, this is the stuff that will give you the confidence to know that you can make any woman into your adoring girlfriend (or, if you prefer, her first choice for fun any night of the week).

If you want to eventually turn this entire meeting women thing into a real relationship, then you must know that one of the things that makes a woman say to herself, this guy just might be the one! is being able to rock her world in bed.

Suddenly your cocky smile comes from an authentic place because you know that you are offering her much more than clever conversation if shes smart enough to date you.

Women can FEEL this.

But, heck… I probably didnt have to convince you that being great in bed is something youd like women to say about you…

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P.S., Obviously this video isnt safe for work, so make sure you watch it when you have a chance to really absorb the material when you dont have to constantly look over your shoulder… And if I were you, Id grab a pen before watching as you may want to take notes on some of these sex tips…