I think we can all agree that eggs are a magical food. You can do so much with them, and they always taste delicious. Did you know that an egg is actually a single cell? That”s right. Every time you eat an egg, you”re eating one big cell. Isn”t that cool?

But if you”re a little stuck on how to prepare your eggs, take a look at the beautiful video below for some inspiration. It”s pretty drool-worthy, and we can pretty much guarantee that you”ll want to make all of these recipes the second you”re done watching.

You can boil them…

You can boil them...

…scramble them…

...scramble them...

…or fry them up with whatever ingredients you like.

...or fry them up with whatever ingredients you like.

For some inspiring egg-cellence, check out this video.



Oh, and in case you”re wondering, graved eggs are made by letting egg yolks sit in a mixture of sugar and salt and then serving them on toast. You can get the full (and surprisingly easy) recipe here.

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