Do you wish you could sightsee in the British countryside? Is it a bit too far for you? Would you like to enjoy the rolling hills, historic castles, and patchwork fields without the hassle of travel? Lastly (but most importantly), do you wish you had a musical, fruit-themed companion to guide you on the tour?

On the admittedly rare occasion that you answered yes to all of those questions, you are in luck. A catchy new song from musician Tom Rosenthal features a man in a watermelon costume cavorting in the countryside to a catchy, upbeat tune. And the lyrics are incredibly easy to learn, should you like to sing along.

The great thing about this song and its video is that it”s refreshingly straightforward. It really is watermelon time for the duration of the music video. If you”re looking for something with more weight, as well as a truly bizarre rendition of “Bootylicious,” you can check out the rest of Tom Rosenthal”s music and videos on his website.

Via It”s Nice That