Football season is finally here! For most people, that means football parties, fantasy football drafts and merrymaking. Although your TV is going to be swamped with Bud Light commercials in between the plays, with the help of we have compiled a list of cocktails that pair well with your favorite team, so he can watch the game without feeling as bloated as a lineman.

Even if you don”t like watching football, these tasty drinks will surely make your experience a little better.

1. The Seahawks” Emerald City: coconut rum, green melon liqueur, blue curacao liqueur, sweet and sour mix, lemon-lime soda.

The Seahawks

2. The Rams” Greatest Show on Turf: absinthe, angostrua bitters, dry vermouth and gin.

The Rams

3. The 49ers” Barbary Coast Cocktail: gin, whiskey, white chocolate creme de cacao and half and half.

The 49ers

4. The Cardinals” Cardinal Coctail: creme de cassis, red wine.

The Cardinals

5. The Buccaneers” Bumbo: rum, water, brown sugar, nutmeg

The Buccaneers

6. The Saints” Sazerac: rye whiskey, absinthe, peychauds bitters, sugar cube, lemon peel.

The Saints

7. The Panther”s Carolina Iced Tea: spiced rum, vodka, peach liqueur, peach schnapps, sweet tea.

The Panther

8. The Falcons” Scarlett O”Hara: Southern Comfort, cranberry juice, lime.

The Falcons

9. The Vikings” Purple People Eater: parfait amour, gin, lemon juice.

The Vikings

10. The Packer”s Brandy Old Fashioned: brandy, angostura bitters, sugar, water

The Packer

11. The Lion”s Tail: bourbon, pimento dram, lime juice, syrup, aromatic bitters.

The Lion

12. The Chicago Bears” Chicago Cocktail: brandy, orange liqueur, aromatic bitters, champagne

The Chicago Bears

13. The Redskins” Cherry Blossom: brandy, cherry brandy, dry curacao, grenadine, lemon juice, cherry.

The Redskins

14. The Eagles” Aviation: gin, egg whites, sugar, lemon juice.

The Eagles

15. The New York Giants Cocktail: rye, lime juice, sugar cube.

The New York Giants Cocktail: rye, lime juice, sugar cube.

16. The Cowboys” Cocktail: whisky, cream.

The Cowboys

17. The Chargers” Seabreeze: vodka, blackberry brandy, blueberry and rasberry schnapps, orange and pineapple juice.

The Chargers

18. The Raiders” Cocktail: silver tequila, black rum, cola.

The Raiders

19. The Chiefs” Ice Water: gin, vodka, lime juice, lemon-lime soda.

The Chiefs

20. The Broncos” Orange Crush: vodka, triple sec orange, orange juice.

The Broncos

21. The Titans” Lynchburg Lemonade: Tennessee whiskey, sweet & sour mix, orange liqueur, lemon lime soda.

The Titans

22. The Jaguar: bourbon, unsweetened tea, orange juice, black tapioca pearls.

The Jaguar: bourbon, unsweetened tea, orange juice, black tapioca pearls.

23. The Colts” Horse Neck: bourbon, ginger ale.

The Colts

24. The Texans” Longhorn: lemon rum, orange rum, vodka, orange vodka, orange soda.

The Texans

25. The Ravens” Purple Hooter: vodka, raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice, lime juice, soda water.

The Ravens

26. The Steelers” Black & Gold: vodka, gold flaked cinnamon schnapps.

The Steelers

27. The Browns” Cocktail, gin, light rum, dry vermouth.

The Browns

28. The Bengals” Cocktail: beer, soda water.

The Bengals

29. The Jet”s Manhattan: rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, aromatic bitters, stemmed cherry.

The Jet

30. The Buffalo Bill: apple cider, bourbon.

The Buffalo Bill: apple cider, bourbon.

31. The Dolphins” Mojito: white rum, sugar, lime, mint leaves, club soda.

The Dolphins

32. The Patriot”s Red White and Blue: water, cointreau, campari, cranberry liqueur, triple sec, blackberry liqueur, blue curacao, cherry liqueur, creme de noyaux, strawberry liqueur, grenadine, white creme de cacao, anisette, creme de cassis.

The Patriot

Would anyone mind if we change the Redskins” name to the Cherry Blossoms? Sure it”s not the most masculine name, but man is that drink delicious.