We”re back! This time, we”re taking a look at some more substantial gift ideas that have function as well as form. Ceramics make great gifts because they”re something that everyone needs–you need plates and bowls to eat from and mugs from which to sip the warming winter beverage of your choice. And there”s no reason to settle for some bland 8-piece set when you can get one-of-a-kind pieces that your loved ones will be able to enjoy for years to come.

1. JD Wolfe Stoneware Pottery

This hand thrown pottery is durable and classic, and manages to be folksy and modern at the same time. The shop features mugs, bowls, plates and vases. The heart bowls are our favorites!

2. Susan Simonini Ceramics

Susan Simonini”s ceramic wares have a similar earthy charm to the ones above, but hers also feature modern graphic elements. Leaves and woodland creatures appear as simple line drawings, as do patterns and abstract forms. Some even feature a minimalist approach to the classic blue patterns found on china.

3. Silly Rice Ceramic Jewellery

Not all ceramics are made for the kitchen! These adorable, quirky jewellery pieces are crafted from porcelain and are perfect for someone who loves accessories, but also loves to stand out. Many of the items are earrings, but the shop also features necklaces and charms, beads, rings, some small bowls and, for the holidays, tree ornaments.

4. Barruntando Ceramics

Besides functional items like bowls and flowerpots, Barruntando also stocks cute figurines for the tchotchke lovers in your life. The shop also has yarn bowls, specially designed to feed out yarn steadily, so for avid knitters, they would be perfect.

5. Kina Ceramic Design

Kina Ceramic Design has a lot of styles to choose from, from sleekly modern to weird and abstract to cartoonish and cute. They have a variety of dishes and cups, as well as a collection of tree ornaments decorated with cute monsters for the nontraditional tree. As a weird bonus, they also have a collection of oven mitts in the shape of paws.

Another cool thing about giving vessels like these is that you can fill them with extra goodies. Fill a mug with hot cocoa mix and candy canes, or fill a bowl with a soup mix and some fancy crackers (Keep mixes in the package, obviously). If you give a big bowl, try filling it with microwave popcorn and a cute movie.