Elegant and Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas 1 Planning a wedding this fall? Lets face it: not everyone likes a traditional wedding with a lush white wedding dress, a big wedding cake with flowers, classic background music etc. Your wedding party may be a lot different. How about throwing an off-the-wall one on Halloween eve and make it the most discussed wedding of the century? (okay, some exaggerating here) Still, it will be an original, fun and exciting event for everyone attending.

Elegant and Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas 2

Elegant and Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas 3Choosing a dress for a girl is an uneasy task. And when it comes to a wedding dress, thats when a disaster happens. Luckily, weve already know the theme of the wedding. You dress doesnt actually have to look spooky, zombie-themed with blood stains on it. You may go for a gorgeous gothic-style black dress creating a contrast with bridesmaids orange or red ones. Or switch the colors and choose a brighter dress.

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