Nature photographer Jan Bainar was hiking through the woods in the Czech Republic one frosty day and came across something extraordinary. The trees in this portion of the Beskydy Mountains, which run the border between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, all sported an incredible-looking pattern of frost on one side of their trunks.

What could have caused this? Magical snow fairies? A roving pack of yetis? No, most likely, the amazing, feather-like patterns stem from a combination of wind and precipitation that caused the ice to form in these directional patterns. The result, though, looks as though the trees are sporting a snow-white winter coat of fur or feathers. The phenomenon likely didn”t last very long, so we”re lucky that Bainar was in the right place and the right time. And here are some more photos Bainar has taken of the beautiful Czech winter landscapes.

You can see the rest of Bainar”s photos on 500px.

Via Colossal|Windybee