A science teacher at a girls” school for 8th and 9th graders in Bangkok came up with a rule: if you doodle something on your test, the teacher will add to it. If this was meant to be a deterrent from doodling…and it hilariously backfired. The results are awesome for everyone. (In these examples, the students are mainly drawing in pencil, and the teacher”s additions are in red ink.)

The teacher often uses the original style and concept of the students to create his addition.

A missing eye can make a good foundation for a pirate…

…or not.

Shucks, it feels pleasant to be a gangsta.

The teacher mentioned that he likes to go in the opposite direction, artistically, from what his students seem to be going for. That”s why this floating head and her fairy companions became a magical animal control agent.

Sometimes, the source material is too good to draw on, so it”s left alone. Apparently, this student brought colored pencils to the exam.

This student managed to pull off a fairly complex doodle and a 100% on the test.

(via BoredPanda)

The teacher eventually decided to showcase not only his students” creativity, but also his skills at turning the doodles into unexpected compositions on a Tumblr blog. The blog is still pretty short, but there”s lots of material, and more to come.

Some teachers get mad with students who doodle on papers and tests, but studies are beginning to show that doodling actually helps with memory and attention. The same studies also show that students who doodle are actually more likely to retain information and perform better on tests. So the next time you find yourself doodling, remember that it”s good for you!