It”s hard to deny that cake is pretty much the best food on the planet. In the heat of the summer, though, all that sugar and dough doesn”t seem all that refreshing. You need something lighter and refreshing, like a juicy, delicious watermelon!

If you”re still craving a sweet(er) treat, you can combine these two amazing foods and make them into one awesome concoction. Though we featured a more traditional watermelon cake not too long ago, this recipe takes a different approach. Feast your eyes on the awesome dessert below.

The ingredients, which can be found in the video”s description (along with the recipe), might not be readily available in all stores, but you can substitute the icing here with a different mousse. The green color can be made with either food coloring or, if you”re feeling fancy, a teaspoon of green tea matcha powder. The possibilities are limitless, and in the end, you”ll have yourself a refreshing summer take on everyone”s favorite dessert!

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