Actors will do anything for that multimillionaire dollar paycheck. And of course, the accolades and/or awards that come with it just makes everything all the sweeter. The most dedicated of all actors will pack on the pounds, shred it off, get a nipple piercing or even go insane if they have to. But, while most actors are willing to go to great lengths, some go the extra thousand miles. Some actors are just so dedicated and are just so hungry for the accolades that theyll do anything just to get it. Theyll not only pack on the pounds, theyll let themselves go completely to look the part of the role theyre going to play. And, most of the time, this usually bodes well for such actors as they not only win accolades or awards, but also the hearts or respects of many fans across the globe.

1. Camilla Rutherford (I Love Luci)


Camilla Rutherford starred as Marjory in the movie, which required her to go through a massive makeover. This included having to wear dental prosthetics throughout the whole family and basically making herself look like a homeless woman.