5. Be creative and surprise each other
Cook cupcakes with his name on the top. Go to the cinema and see the same movie and give short comments to each other via Messenger. Imagine there is no distance between you and everything is possible. Send him little presents or gift cards which can be delivered right to his apartment or office. All these details keep the lovey-dovey going strong.

6. Enjoy the alone time
Its your choice to be alone or to be lonely. Your life is not only the Skype calls and Viber messages. Remember youre still your own person. Live your life, celebrate every day. Stay happy because youre in love. Dont skip interesting events, dont forget to attend parties, and dont miss out on filling yourself with the real life. Take this time to do more with you family and friends. Go to the gym more often and stay in shape. Bet hell be proud to hear youre so smart and self-assured.