9. Make plans together
What about your first NYE celebration? Or Thai vacation the both of you have been dreaming of? There are a lot of things we always put away for later. Thats the perfect time to make your dreams come true. Settle the exact dates for the small and global events. It gives you a common ground.
10. Set a goal
Dont be afraid to discuss your future. The questions like What do we want to achieve?, How long do we plan to be apart?, What do you want from this relationship? are not stupid or pushy if were talking in the context of a serious relationship. These are really essential aspects that keep your love in progress. Its not about long lasting promises or oaths in eternal love in fidelity. Its about the one simple phrase that means a lot: Youre the one I need.

Now I want to share with you a list of my friends quotations about LDRs, based on their private experiences of course. You judge and can trust them or not, but each of their stories actually took place.

Julia : OMG LDRs?! Are you serious? Skip it, honey. Its a kind of relationship you just call every so often. Its fake. Its a total illusion. Im not sure you are ready to gain 10 extra pounds, because your closest friends will be a cookie jar and a glass of wine on Friday evening. The only asana you can learn during this relationship period is a bed shavasana. Dont even think about it. But you know what? Ill always remember my 2 years in LDR-Land.
Iris: What? Long distance relationship? Its the most stupid decision you could ever made. But its the one and only kind or relationship I have.
Anastasia: Oh my goodness! Its full of sweet moments, best compliments, all night talks and funny Skype shots. My experience lasted a year and a half. Then he got married.
Mary: Its absolutely normal. This is the truest form of the modern relationship. Who needs these trite in-person dates? Sorting out the difficulties of an LDR make our life brighter. The LDR helps you to see the world and even yourself from different angles. Its like a test of your moral virtues. It measures the level of your faith and creativity. Absolutely must-try.
Nataly: I believe in distance love. The only thing you need is to have a final destination. If you know even the approximate date youll be together forever, go ahead. In case you do it just for fun without working hard, you better stop it right now.
Lesia: Long distance love is hard and magical. My distance relationship has been strong and lasting for 5 years and ended up with a marriage. My husband and I have been going through the different trials and finally passed the test. I cant even imagine what else can help people to trust each other more than distance. I really appreciate the distance weve had between us. This is our own love trick. It has taught us the true things and emotions most people have already lost.