3. Be honest
Dont play a role starring a person who isnt you. Be authentic, be honest! Do not fantasize the extra details of your everyday life trying to seem more interesting than you are. Do not exaggerate and tell him fairytales. Dont hide your emotions. Discuss the feelings and values on the initial stage of your relationship. The more honesty shown at the beginning of your romance, the more chances your love will grow and stay alive for a long time.
4. Be careful and attentive
Dont forget to ask him about his family and friends. You can show how thoughtful and interested you are if you share your weeks schedule with him and he with you! He will be happy to receive your message with the wishes for good luck and success for the coming week or to wish him well for a family dinner that is on the schedule. Keep up with his everyday life moments and take an interest to the smallest details. Thats what makes a couple close to each other despite the distance. Share your problems and decisions. Dont hesitate to ask his advice. This way you will show him how important his opinion is.