Can a Long Distance Relationship Be Successful

Today ladies lets talk about one of the Major sore spots f relationships. Its the distance. Im pretty sure everyone has experienced this kind of love. I mean not a romance or the short-term affair. I mean the R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P. It always happens accidentally. Admit no one has ever dreamed about far away love and then actually being loved hundreds and thousands of kilometers distant from your home. But life is tricky and frankly never lets us rest for too long! So I wont even try to candy-coat it. I know most of you now are screaming: Theres nothing to talk about, LDRs suck. Come on girls! But what should those lucky ones do who have recently met their match on the opposite side of the planet? I know the answer. They should follow this distant relationship survival guide.
I promise it will raise your chances to succeed at it and dare I say, have some fun. Firstly be prepared your homies will advise you to take it easy and even skip it. Everyone will tell you that its a waste of time and all you will get in the end are the pieces of your broken heart. In case you turn a deaf ear to it, go ahead. Yep, some things could get complicated. Be prepared youll be lonely and even sad sometimes. But as well there are a lot of things that LDRs makes sweeter: feeling the smell of each other, taking a walk, eating together, sleeping next to each other. The simple things that make us happy, but stay unnoticed by the ordinary couples. When you and your LDR finally get together these and a whole lot of other things are more pronounced and precious.
If you dare to try it and want to keep your distance love alive, follow these 10 rules that really work.

1. Talk it up but avoid excessive communication

You two, dont really have to talk 20 hours per day. Its the main mistake of most LDR-couples. They think they should compensate for the physical absence of each other by endless phone and Skype calls. It will make you both sick and tired in a very short period of time.
2. Share the moments time
Send him your gym selfie. Show him your clay master class photos. Get him acquainted with your friends online. Imagine you drink your morning coffee together and send him a shot of his cup. If hes interested in you he will be interested in the world you live in. But dont turn your chat with him into your Instagram account. Remember less is more. No spamming, its all about to hang around the two of your hanging out.