Quebec-based photographer Ulric Collette recently created modern mythological creatures for his series Therianthropes. The artist combined human bodies with animal heads to make interesting hybrid portraits. The resulting images are portraits that seem to be more about the personality traits of the subjects rather than straightforward images of their appearances.

The most striking factor about these images is how well-suited the animal heads seem to their human bodies in terms of both physical appearance and body language. Even without the main indicator of human identity (a face), these images seem to be bursting with personality and character.

Collette, however, says that they were created mainly for aesthetic value, and that there”s no real deeper underlying meaning behind them. That”s perfectly fine, as the viewer can create their own meaning if they choose.

(via My Modern Met)

You can see more of Collette”s work, including some NSFW photos from this series, on his website. You can also purchase prints of this work here.