Fashion trends usually just come and go.

Those of us whove grown up during the 80s have already seen the most bizarre of trends. And so for the most part, nothing shocks us much anymore. Punk dudes with make-ups? Rockers wearing bright colored hair and tight clothing? Weve definitely seem them all.

Lately, vivid hair colors are making a huge comeback among guys but with a little fantasy twist.

Pictures of men with crazy colored hair are making rounds on the internet nowadays. What makes this new trend interesting, however, is that many of the guys are even dyeing their beards with the same hue or a different one.

Its downright insane but very beautiful to look at! Check out the photos here:

A daring fashion choice.

merman-trend 1

Photo credit: fest300
The ‘Merman’ can sport a single shade…

merman-trend 2

Photo credit: hateboy2
Or even two of them!

merman-trend 3

Photo credit: migsays
It can also be very bright.

merman-trend 4

Photo credit: australianigloo
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