1 Best Places to Meet Your Mr. Right
Eternal question where are all the good guys? It may seem to you that there are no men left, or if this rare species does exist they are hiding so well you cant find them. You meet perverts and dummies, but still believe there is your Mr. Right somewhere, you just need to know where to look for him. Warning I am a bit conservative in terms of relationships, so I am not going to tell you about online dating sites here. Lets go off line and try to find your guy out there. At least, we will know he is real, not another Internet freak with fake photos.

Market or Shopping Mall2 Market or Shopping Mall
Pros: You can check out his shopping cart and make conclusions about him. What is he going to buy? Lets see…Beer and chips… not your kind of man. Beef? Come on, you are a vegetarian. Chocolates and chewing gum? What is he, 16? Washing powder? Maybe its not all that bad.
Another pro is that you can easily find a topic for conversation with a stranger ask him to help you find anything, chat about cheeses, make some jokes about your coffee addiction and thats it. Simple and effective.

Cons: When you go shopping you are concentrated on shopping, so is he. Both of you may not have time for a pleasant conversation or flirt. There are a lot of people around. And usually you dont look your best when going to buy some de-fatted yogurt around the corner.

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