130518193140-david-beckham-celebration-single-image-cutWell it has happened: David Beckham has retired. For the few of you who do not know who he is, Beckham is that shirtless man who keeps appearing everywhere in his underwear. He is also a famous soccer player who is calling it quits after completing his last game on Saturday, May 20th. According to, a teary-eyed Beckham bent it one last time on the field and ended his career as a professional athlete in front of fans in Paris. As his family of four continues to thrive, he and wife Victoria Beckham, (Posh Spice for those really living under a rock and simultaneously stuck in the 90s), are now just that fancy couple from Britain instead of the people who are always seen at soccer games.

o-DAVID-BECKHAM-HM-900In addition to his recently diminished soccer career, Beckham is currently still the face of his H&M underwear line, which he is still shirtless-ly promoting on store posters across the globe, most recently in a very noticeable mustache.

But what does this mean for the rest of us who have never seen him play? Well it means that you should expand some horizons and watch three seconds of a soccer game just to say you have and its just as boring as you expect (Except for you out there who, like me, actually played and therefore enjoy it). It also means that there is now an entire new field open for soon to be soccer stars to turn into shirtless, tattooed underwear models for your local inside-a-mall, fashion-forward store.

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