Art is thought of as being created from specific materials such as clay, paint and pencil, but one of the great things about art is that is can be made from anything (and we do mean anything). Artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of what “art materials” are.

London-based artist San Pierre started out in product and furniture design while in school, but has moved into the realm of fine arts with his series, Discontent. The series uses industrial items like nuts and bolts as well as colored string, usually thought of as a crafting item, and combines them with digital print designs to create textured, layered images. Thanks to the crisscrossing strings and the blending of colors, the static images have an illusion of movement and light.

Each thread here is actually pulled in a straight line, but the arrangement creates the circular shape.

The threads are layered over the same print, but the different arrangement of strings creates a different feeling.

Each thread is attached to the piece by a bolt.

Each collection of threads is carefully chosen to result in a gradient of color.

The spacing between the threads creates, in this case, the illusion of light.

While the work looks carefully measured and planned–and it is–San Piere also appreciates the spontaneity of creating art in a new way. “My approach could be seen as naive and unorthodox as I tend to dive in to the unknown,” he explains on his website. “But this for me generally produces an uncertain and unique result which makes the entire experience exciting.” His method of making art can be summed up in a simple line, and it”s a pretty good way of approaching most things in life besides art: “The way I see it is that if you don”t try you”ll never get anywhere. So you may as well just give it a go.”

Via My Modern Met