An Independent Girl's Guide to RelationshipsHello, smart, strong and independent ladies. Are you ready to discuss our perfect lives? We live in the coolest feminist era when we, girls, are free to do anything we want. There are no boundaries for when and how. We are totally progressive and socialized. We take control over our lives and try to keep control of everything around us. We used to be progressive and have many habits form based on our independent lifestyle. Our lives are full. We are always ready for new opportunities and life qualities. Plans mean everything to us. We have at least five gadgets, the stylish personal organizers full of notes and sleep next to our laptops. Our dads are proud of us; our mothers tell us we are too skinny (by the way, it sounds like a compliment for us because it means we are in good shape). We are always caught up with the latest trend, our style is unique and thought out to the finest details. Weve already tried all kinds of fitness. Were in love with yoga. People notice us at pottery classes, Pilates weekends, psychological painting and other unusual and interesting activities. We call a CEO our primary passion and proud to be so freethinking individuals. However, every single time you have the fourth or even the fifth date you go spooky with a thought He attempts my precious freedom. He wants to kill my personality. That night you have a ghastly dream of you wearing a torn robe with no manicure, but with the worst hairdo, cooking something unhealthy with gluten. Its the kind of challenge every independent person faces eventually. Our number one need is autonomy. We need it being in and out of relationships. Believe me that preserving some of your independence only gives your relationship more longevity, strength, and spontaneity. There are seven ideas to navigate your relationships in the right way and stay self-reliant without losing sight of yourself.

1. Dont be afraid to let him lead
Im pretty sure you dont want to see a misfit next to you. The guy youll go with to the second date should be the one who has a life plan, who is capable of making decisions and acts self-confidently both to start his own company and to book his vacation. But then youre reminded of your creeds of gender equality. Please bring up some exceptions to your life do not take charge and let him lead. Letting a guy lead doesnt mean you have to take a seat and do not talk Stay independent, be the best version of yourself, but make him feel his power. Relax and let yourself enjoy womanhood. Finally.

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