Artist Bryan Edmiston makes a living by answering 911 calls. As you can imagine, that job gets pretty grim. “I hear about some of the worst things one human can do to another,” he says. And after doing this day in and day out, it’s no surprise that Edmiston needed to find a way to vent all of that negativity.

What better way to do that than to create some happy, colorful art? Similar to the carved pencils we’ve covered in the past, Edmiston creates tiny sculptures out of crayons.

Edmiston considers his artwork to be the counterpoint to his job happy, colorful, funny, and full of good memories. “I try to carve things that are innocent and joyful, things that people have fond memories of,” he says, explaining why so many of his pieces feature pop culture icons like the Beatles and Walter White.

Edmiston chose crayons after seeing the work of a fellow Etsy vendor. Crayons conjure memories of childhood creativity, so they seemed like the natural choice.

The crayons are carved carefully using a sharp blade, and extra colors are added by melting pieces of other crayons and painting the wax into place.

(via BoredPanda)

Currently, Edmiston is still working full time, but carving crayons is certainly his passion. In the future, he’d like to be able to devote more time to his craft.

You can see more of his work, and even get a sculpture of your own, at his Etsy shop. You can also follow his creations on Facebook.