One of the joys of LEGO is the endless possibilities that the little plastic bricks allow. Even better than creating your own building or spacecraft, though, is building your own person. Lego people can be taken apart and put back together in all kinds of different ways, which lets you express your creativity and get your mad scientist on in a harmless way.

And if you”re Buenos Aires-based Alexandre Tissier, you can use this mad-scientist tendency to create some pretty hilarious mashups. In his advertising campaign for LEGO, titled LEGO – Fiction Meets Fiction (and yes, apparently ad campaigns do have titles), Tissier swaps the heads of famous fictional characters. He uses these characters featured in LEGO sets to create bizarre, but recognizable, new characters.

This way, Wolverine loses his mask and snarl for Homer Simpson”s sated “Mmmm” look. Batman clutches a teddy bear, and Darth Vader gets fancy in a kimono.

I could actually see Spiderman dressing up like James Bond.

Besides being funny, the ads also celebrate the idea of thinking outside of what the LEGO set”s instructions suggest. Swapping out heads and redesigning buildings and vehicles helps jumpstart the creative process and leads to more imaginative play, which in turn can lead to better problem solving skills in the non-LEGO world.

Via My Modern Met