Even if you don’t count yourself as a bookworm, you can — and will — appreciate this guy’s epic DIY project.

When Redditor Deecerp27 got a new art studio, he had a room that he wasn’t using for projects. Wanting to find a creative way to decorate the space, he turned to Books By The Foot for help.

Taking more than 4,000 books, the crafter turned a boring space into something to behold…

This was the bare wall he was working with.

To make his vision a reality, he purchased more than 4,000 preowned books.

Some of them needed to be cut so they would fit on the ends.

They were attached with 18-gauge finishing nails, with at least two nails into the books and two angled into the wall.

Bit by bit, he made progress.

The project took far longer than Deecerp27 ever expected.

Ironically, he had to work around a TV mount.

When Deecerp27 approached the ceiling, he added MDF pieces to angle the installation.

Amazingly, he started running out of books and began laying them flat on the ceiling.

Here’s what it looks like from the side.


What a cool project!

While many criticized Deecerp27 for cutting and nailing into books, he explained that if he hadn’t rescued them, they would have gone to the trash. Books By The Foot aims to find new homes for previously loved books that no one wants anymore.

If you’d like to attempt a similar project on your own, check out the full instructions here!