Donald Trump

Donald Trump aka “The Donald”, the multibillionaire real estate mogul and entrepreneur is well known for being outspoken. He has earned billions of dollars, lost it all and earned it back again. Besides his real estate investments, he is also famous for his casinos and owning the Miss Universe franchise as well as being host of the popular television reality show, The Apprentice. Trump sometimes makes outrageous statements that seem to question his intelligence.

One of his most recent public statements is that Barak Obama isn’t an American Citizen and therefore shouldn’t be President. It’s clear that Trump likes the spotlight even if the topic is extremely controversial. Trump has been constantly ridiculed for his comb-over hairstyle. In this photo taken on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, the wind has decimated his coiffed look.

Some people have questioned whether that look is actually his real hair or perhaps a toupee. I couldn’t imagine that anyone with his kind of money actually paid for a wig like that!