Celebrity homes tend to fascinate us common folk, making us burn with envy for the sprawling A-lister mansions. These multi-million dollar pads are usually somewhat secluded, but thanks to Google Earth, we can now play into our creepy paparazzi tendencies to get the inside scoop on our favorite celebrity hideouts. From Shaq’s $8.9 million dollar palace, to Mel Gibson’s personal island (yes, island), these homes are anything but cozy.

Jennifer Aniston – Beverly Hills, CA

We know Jen as the lovable Rachel on Friends, as well as countless other rom-com roles that have cemented her as the undisputed queen of chick flicks. Her stunning Beverly Hills home was originally purchased for $13.5 million in 2006, but Jen soon recruited interior designer Stephen Shadley to restore and expand the original 1970s architecture.

The final product was a gorgeous zen-inspired mansion, boasting 14-foot tall doors and about 10,000 square feet. The estate is tucked away behind a long, winding driveway, and is supposedly monitored quite heavily by a staff of security guards. Due to the house’s south-pacific style influences, Aniston dubbed it Ohana, meaning extended family in Hawaiian.


After a feature in Architectural Digest in 2010, Aniston sold her beloved home for a reported $37 million dollars in 2011. The Ohana Estate showcases celebrity house-flipping at its finest.