8 Things You Didn't Know About OrgasmsToday, girls, lets discuss the Big O-related questions. Ill admit, this is the topic you are always interested in but a little bit self-conscious to talk about. The scientists say its just a reflex of the autonomic nervous system. Seriously? This so-called reflex gives us the widest range of feelings and emotions. And the fact its short-lived makes it even more pleasurable. Its the only thing that feels better than biting a chocolate cake after the diet, than a pair of new shoes and sometimes even better than a pair of new sneakers. But these few seconds of pleasure arent so easy as they may seem. Sometimes things get complicated at the crucial O moment. Thats why hitting the information about G-spot, and O-spot has become a girls hobby. Its possible to learn to be orgasmic (or to become more orgasmic) knowing some tips and tricks that can help us, girls, to reach the Holy Grail of intimacy. Here are some incredible guidelines to enter the Sexual Wonderland.

1. How long does it take to cross the finish line?
To start an orgasm successfully, women need to be having good sex. I know this sounds vague but your guy needs to know how bring you along, oh so slowly, caressing your back, your neck, kissing you in those special places. The more kisses you give and get the more your blood flow increases. The foreplay makes women super sensitive. Then starts the next level and its so important not to spoil everything because its easy. The wrong move, the needless word, the unfriendly orgasm position all these factors matter and you both should pay extra attention to them being between the sheets. Its a myth that a woman needs more than an hour to reach the point of the biggest sexual satisfaction. Quite literally 20 minutes of well played sexual intercourse is enough to reach the peak. As for the orgasm duration, unfortunately it cant be more than 20 seconds. Then the lactogenic hormone blocks your sexual impulses for an hour, right at the moment your brain got the signal of satisfaction.

2. Exercising can get you off
Its probably the most brilliant benefit of a womans satisfaction. Female orgasms can take over the whole body. There are some that are quite strange and even bizarre. Yep, girls really can get off right in the middle of the crowded gym. Honestly every girl who practices fitness or yoga will have experienced it. Someone is ashamed to admit it, someone doesnt want to give a brand name orgasm to this pleasurable spasm. Some girls are still shocked but have plans to repeat that kind of workout. It happens because of the traction of the pubococcygeus muscle. Most often girls get off while squatting, making the courtesy and slowly raising legs. During these exercises, your hips are close to each other. It stimulates the blood flow and gives you some pleasurable added seconds as a result. Sometimes I think this is the true reason guys like to stare at girls doing their squats. An outdoor exercise that can deliver orgasmic pleasure is horseback riding especially bareback without a saddle. The horses gentle rocking stimulates your clitoris hold on tight and enjoy!

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