dumbblondeAs guys, weve sort of been programmed to believe that you have to prove your worth for a girl. For years weve heard advice like if you like her let her know.

And because of this pre-programming the minute we start liking a girl there is a little voice in our head that continually tells us that if she just knows how much I like her, shell want to be with me. But the notion that girls want certainty is DEAD WRONG. In fact, nothing will fan the flames of attraction as much as SENDING MIXED SIGNALS.

Why? Here are 8 great reasons:

1. It prevents you from appearing needy, clingy, or too available.

2. When a girl cant figure you out, you have the upper hand and power in the relationship.

3. Shell begin to work harder to attract you, which creates more investment on her part.

4. No girls wants an easy catch

5. Girls are addicted to drama. Sending mixed signals provides her the drama she craves.

6. When shes not sure where she stands with you, she anticipates seeing you more. Because there is a part of her that is unsure if shell ever see you again. And fear of loss is crucial for her to fall in love with you.

7. It makes her assume that you have other options. And we all know girls want what other girls want.

8. When a girl isnt sure how you feel about her she thinks about you more. And as this video explains the more she thinks about you, the more she convinces herself shes in love with you.

When it comes to amplifying attraction, SENDING mixed signals is king.

And there is a particular way to do it that multiples the effect. Its actually a sneaky little mind game called The Scrambler that will convince a girl shes in love with you.

Heres a page explaining The Scrambler

Most guys completely mess up playing hard to get and do it all WRONG.

Thats why is crucial to follow the exact sequence laid out in The Scrambler.

Make it happen!

P.S. One more thing to keep in mind; It is almost impossible for a woman to fall in love with you without the fear that she could lose you. Nice guys blow this big time. One of the biggest reasons nice guys cant keep the women they really like is because these women have absolutely NO fear of loss with them. Fear of Loss is an essential ingredient to a seduction.

(Learn all 12 weapons in this video)