Contributed by Bobby Rio, Co-creator of Unlock Her Legs: How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl.

2011barbiekenToday I put together a collection of ideas that I hope will inspire you to change some area of your game that might be holding you back… These are completely random.

#1: Figure out the rules of the game

Once you know what the rules are, its easy. Just follow the rules and win.

If youre focusing on various situations with girls like its really serious, then youre going to psyche yourself out or get really stressed. If youre focusing on it like: This is a game, and what all these girls are doing is trying to weed out the weak, it isnt hard.

Just keep in mind its a game. Dont take it personally, but also understand their rules and their motivation. The rules are actually pretty simple.

#2: Timing is rarely perfect

Waiting leads to another day alone. Guys sit around and wait for the perfect moment to approach, the perfect moment to ask her out, to go for the kiss, to send the text, the perfect this, the perfect that…

The perfect situations never arrive. What does arrive? Loneliness and excuses and regrets about missing out on the best years of your life.

#3: What girls want from you is certainty

This is why girls hate needy behavior. Because if youre acting like youre not sure if she should like you… she starts second guessing herself. Same thing on the approach. Same thing when youre trying to sleep with her.

Youve got to appear CERTAIN, and shell follow. But if she senses you doubt yourself, that is when you lose control.

#4: Shes got to always believe there is more

She should always feel like there is more to know about you, that she doesnt quite have the full story. That next time she hangs out with you shell discover it. And more importantly, she should always feel like next time shell fully win you over.

If you give her that win too early she gets bored. refer to #7

#5: Stop seeking approval

When a woman senses youre seeking her approval it gives women the power to set the tone of the relationship. Heres the ironic thing, they DO NOT want that power. Once they have it, they stop seeking your approval, and then its over.

#6: Escalation is attractive

This is something my friend Chris (sixty) stresses. The act of escalating in itself creates more attraction for a girl.

This means that caressing her hand, standing closer to her, going for the kiss… all these things are attractive to a girl (so refer #2- timing is never perfect, just go for it).

#7: Indifference is worse than anger

Too many guys are scared of getting a girl angry, upset, or disappointed with them. I have news for you none of those things reduce attraction and a lot of times they actually increase it.

Id much rather have a girl pissed off at me than bored.

#8: She can know you want to bang her, but she cant know you want to be her boyfriend.

Think of it like this, you being her boyfriend, that is your trump card, that is what you keep in your pocket as long as you possibly can.

Thats what she doesnt know if she can have. She knows of course this guy probably wants to sleep with me, but she doesnt know if you want to be her boyfriend.

The longer you keep that in your pocket, the more she is working to win you over, and that is the footing you want to be on.

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