8 Must-Have Leave-In Conditioners

Read all about these dreamy detanglers and frizz tamers

8 Must-Have Leave-In Conditioners

This is a hair care article readers sorted through the good, the bad and the worthless to bring you this list of only leave-ins that successfully moisturize hair and tame frizzies without weighing strands down.

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No. 8: Bumble and Bumble Leave In Conditioner, $23 average reader rating: 8.3

“If I had to make a stranded-on-a-deserted-island type of list for beauty products I can’t live without, this would be …;”

No. 7: Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Smoothing Leave-In Creme, $3.99 average reader rating: 8.7

“It keeps my hair manageable when it wants to frizz out …;”

No. 6: Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, $7.99 average reader rating: 9

“This works really well and makes my dry hair feel so soft even on days I haven’t…;”

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