4. The Control Freak
7 Guys NOT to DateHe has a big problem with the length of your dress, with a random glance from a guy having lunch next to you, with all your male co-workers. Every single time you’re separated, be ready for his control list:

– phone calls every 15 minutes
– dozens of lashings each phone call
– tones of suspicion every second call
– favorite sentences ‘Where are you?’, ‘Who are you with right now?’, ‘Why do I hear male voices?’, ‘do you have something in common with him?’, ‘It’s your fault’, ‘You’ll pay for this’, ‘Better tell me the truth’, ‘Tell me the truth before it’s too late ‘ etc
The list is endless. While you may like all the attention at first, it’s going to get annoying after a while. Nip this in the bud, baby. The last thing you are looking to happen is to be ‘controlled’. This is the 21st century – girls have been liberated from that!