7 Guys NOT to DateBet you’ve tested the dating pool by going to every-Friday-party, scoping meetings, visiting each major event scheduled in your city and signing up for the next ambitious outing, seminar, concert in advance – all in the name of improving your chances in the dating game. Your heart is full of hope and expectations, your feet are heeled, you had the obligatory manicure and pedicure and your haircut is simply perfect.


You’re absolutely open to new guys and ready to talk as with this green-eyed stranger, the one with that buzz-cut or even your friend’s brother. He’s maybe not your “dream boat” guy. Your only goal is to go out and have a nice time. You’re not setting a firm priority to find a new BF but on the other hand, it’s always in the back of your mind to meet your Prince Charming. We also should understand we all have different standards when it comes to choosing a guy.


Understand, we’re not going to magically find Mr. Perfect for you – that totally classy, smart, hugely funny, brown haired (you see where I’m going here. You can come up with other traits or standards!). But we will try to make your task easier by looking at male types you want to avoid.


While these rules aren’t set in stone they are very helpful. Just print these guidelines and read every time before going on a date.




1. The Sleaze-Ball
7 Guys NOT to DateHe flirts with every girl alive – the waitress, the fellow passenger girl on a plane, the girl in a shopping line, the cashier-girl at the end of this shopping line and even his best friend he’s known ever since he was in school. He’ll never ever be honest and serious with you even if he tells you he is. Avoid dating this guy if you don’t want to spoil your reputation and don’t even think about any kind of relationship not to spoil your life.