flirtingFlirting with a lady is about conversation. Where you hope that conversation will lead you is into bed with her. Here is the Dudes Club guide to how to flirt with a girl.

1. Think About It First

Not everyone is good at improv, so once you see a lady you want to flirt with try to have something to say besides hello. But dont be too corny about this: theres a reason why everyone laughs at corny pick-up lines. Try to figure out what she is into before you go in there. Are you guys in a bar watching the same game? Does she care? What kind of clothes is she into, and does it look like shed care if you told her they look nice? Is she talking to a friend about something you can butt in with an opinion about? This is the research portion of your flirting mission. Everything you do after this should be based on what you notice about her at this stage.

2. Smile

Youre flirting with her, not trying to make her scared of you. Women dont know who they can trust when they go out. Looking mean is going to make you come off as mean. When you start to talk to her dont try to come off as a hard ass. Try to come off as fun, or at least, smoldering.

3. Take Her By Surprise

You want to move the conversation your way as soon as you can. This may surprise her, but if she follows where you lead it will give you a good indication if shes interested or not. If you already know her, try to start a topic you can both be into, like making fun of a mutual friend or work thing. If you dont know her, come up with something you think shes into. Tell her you want to buy her a drink. It can be anything that takes her from what she was doing to what youre doing: flirting.

4. What Is Her Body Telling You?

I asked you what her body is telling you, not what you want to do to her body. Is she facing you or is she talking to you over her shoulder? If shes interested, shes making eye contact with you. If shes not, shes looking at her phone. Or not! Maybe she is just trying to avoid you because she is shy and nervous. That happens. She could just be teasing you by playing hard to get. That happens too. The only way to tell the difference is to talk some more. Watch her reactions immediately after you say something, before she can front.

5. Conversations and Contact

If the two of you wind up talking for a while, try to make physical contact. Ask to see her hand to say something about her ring or fingernails, give her a high five, even do one of those joke handshakes: anything that eliminate the physical distance between you. Try moving your chair or your body closer. If she pulls back, you went in too soon. Move back and try again later or wait to see if she comes in first.

Those are just a few of the basic flirting tips. If you want to find out more check out this book that has a lot more answers about how to meet and put the moves on girls.