3. Miniature Pigasso Pigs

And now, just for fun, the most adorable animal artists: miniature pigs who create abstract masterpieces by rolling around in non-toxic paint. Chris Murray, owner of Pennywell Farm in Devon, England, sells his pigs paintings for 16 apiecenot the 14,400 Congo the chimpanzees works fetched at auction, but still enough to raise money for a charity called the Farm Crisis Network, which helps farmers in need (Pennywell Farms website doesnt list the paintings, though, so it looks like Murray may have retired the project).

Theres no argument here: no artistry goes into these micro-pigs paintings. Theyre simply sticking their snouts and hooves in paint, and then accidentally transferring it onto paper. Pennywell Farm staff got the idea of turning their micro piggies into artists when they accidentally got loose, broke into a craft supply, and began investigating tins of non-toxic paint with their snouts and trotters.

The new Jackson Pollock? Maybe not. But these pigs sure are irresistible.