5. Bee, Ant, and Beaver Helpers

In a 2013 article on animal artistry, Art News reported on various artist and designers utilizing animals capabilities in their art. Artist Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny, for example, placed a vase-shaped scaffold in a bee colony, which resulted in a vase-shaped honey comb.

Artist David Nyzio has animals like sheep and beavers help him create sculptures in the case of sheep, by licking salt licks into funky, sea anemone shapes, and in the case of beavers, by chewing wood.

Catherine Chalmers takes beautiful videos and photographs of ants and other insects going about their business. The results, documented in works such as Offerings and Antworks, are pretty spectacular.

In fact, all of the art featured in this article is quite spectacular. But is it really animal-produced art? In most cases, it seems like the animals were simply used as unknowing assistants to human artists. Libertinys bees, for example, probably didnt know that they were creating a honeycomb vase.