gmanWe have, for longer than anyone can remember, divided men into 2 rough, very inexact categories:

The good guys and the bad boys.

Yet today, in 2015, women are still falling for the tricks used by bad boys to get them thinking that true love and marriage are around the corner when thats actually the farthest thing from the truth.

Its time that all women learn how to differentiate the men interested in meaningful relationships form the players! Sadly, for every serious single guy out there, there are five assh@les.

While good guys hit on a girl because they love women, players just love playing the Game. Womanizers dont really love women, they love sex.

Here are some words of wisdom to make the difference even more recognizable:

1. Good guys love women. Players love sex, regardless of who is in the bed with them.

2. Players think that they understand what women want. Good guys acknowledge that they dont, but want to try.

3. Players always have a plan. Good guys are usually open to new ideas and playing it by the ear.

4. Players refer to you as baby. Good guys remember your name.

5. Players find it hard to admit or show you that they care about a subject, or you. Good guys will not hide their feelings.

6. Players make promises and dont keep them. Good guys talk less and do more.

7. Players will tell you how great they are: Rich, smart, successful, etc. Good guys will let you discover it on your own.

8. Players will show you off and check every other guys reaction to you. A good guy will only be looking at you.

9. A good guy will be trying to get into your heart, not your pants.

10. Players will not reveal too much about themselves. Good guys will open up and let you in.

11. Players want to get you drunk. Good guys will order a nice bottle of wine and drink it slowly.

12. Players will fall asleep afterwards. A good guy will invite you to sleep over.

13. A player will listen to what you have to say. A good guy will ask you lots of questions too.

14. Players will sweet talk you for one purpose. Good guys will sincerely build up your confidence.

15. A player is always casual about plans, sex and the future. A good guy will know when to be serious.

16. A player will always try to impress you with fancy restaurant reservations. A good guy isnt afraid to stay home and let his true self become apparent.

17. A player forgets the details a good guy will remember.

18. Players will think they know you. A good guy will always want to know more.

19. Players need constant attention from others. Good guys will focus their attention on you.

20. Players are interested in the value you bring to them, like an object. A good guy wonders what he can give to you.

21. Players want their dates to feel dependent on them. A good guy wants an independent woman.