19 Secret Thoughts A Guy Has When He First Sees A Woman 1When guys see someone cute in the street, theyre dying to know what shes thinking. What thoughts are running through their head is she more girly, or tomboys? Is she flirting with me, taken, or too good-looking for me? These are some of the hidden thoughts that guys experience when they see a woman for the first time.

1. Is she approachable, or will she shut me down automatically? He can base this off eye contact, how you walk, and the attitude with which you carry yourself.

2. Is she looking at me? Or is she looking at her friend whos behind me, or a building, or a hotter guy? Guys look for a positive signal back so if a girl is playing hard to get or isnt into it, hell notice.

3. What is she wearing underneath her outfit. Hell try to deduce if shes innocent, or a little edgier, and if her lingerie indicates the same. Hey, not all their thoughts can be so virtuous!

4. He wonders what she does for a living. Is this gorgeous badass a neurosurgeon, a writer, or work in the fashion industry?

5. He looks for a ring on her finger a good man will look away from a taken woman, and try to read signs that shes single, rather then going into married and unavailable territory.

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