When your best friend dates a guy that doesn’t deserve her, you can start to reach some uncharted and uncomfortable territory. You will always furiously stand up for her and what is best for her – but when she’s dating someone that kind of seems like a loser in your book, it can be hard to know when not to overstep boundaries, and when to be honest.

1. When you meet him, you’re nice to his face (just out of respect of not embarrassing your girl). You barely listen to the conversation you’re participating in, instead racking your brain over how to be honest with her without her hating you for doing so.

2. But she’ll also hate you if you lie to her, because you know her better than anyone. So you mention all his flaws right after the dinner, and hope for the best!

3. You make sure that he catches you staring at him judgmentally when he checks himself out in a mirror, or does something especially douchey. You are not head over heels for this joker, so you’re definitely not blind to his foolery.