When you hear the names Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and Liam Helmsworth what do you think? Hunky, right? Well, these youngins arent the only guys in Tinsel Town that can make hearts beat faster. There are plenty of actors in Hollywood twice their age who could show them a thing or two about being a seasoned sex symbol.

Check out these 17 hunky actors in their 50s who are still heating up movie and television screens and making women swoon.

Brad Pitt

Why save the best for last when you can start with it? Brad Pitt has, thus far, looked great at every age. Ever since he first showed up on the big screen in Thelma and Louise, he has made many women swoon. And even now, at the age of 50, his boy-next-door looks have gracefully aged and turned oh-so-sexy and rugged. Lucky Angelina.