There are certain things that help you understand someone – their favorite food, what their favorite movies are, what their childhood was like…; but knowing your astrological compatibility runs much deeper than any of those things. It’s actually possible to figure out who your soulmate is just by dating someone that was born in a certain month, and ultimately can help you find that one person that you’ve been waiting for.

1. Libra and Leo
Both of these signs like to complement each other, and are good communicators. They both love social gatherings, and also adore romance and experiencing each other as lovers. They both feel free to express themselves – the Leo demands attention, and the Libra will love to constantly flatter that ego.

2. Aries and Aquarius
There’s never a dull moment with these two! This relationship is very exciting and adventures – they love each other, but also love their freedom. These two can be a highly creative couple, and are often rooted in mutual admiration.

3. Aries and Cancer
An Aries is bold and fiercely independent – sure to have a good head on their shoulders. A Cancer will be attracted to that high energy and enjoy the challenge, as well as bringing out the best in the Aries. An Aries can actually teach a Cancer how to become independent.