Who among us will ever forget the day Kim Kardashian came extremely close to blowing up the entire Internet with her butt in this sexy photospread for Paper Magazine? I mean, look at how shiny her a** is, I can still barely take my eyes off of it. When youve seen the face of God, you arent very likely going to want to look away. After this photo went viral, citizens of the world took to their social media accounts to share a very important observation, and that is, there are many things on this planet, as it so happens, that look like Kim Kardashians butt. Here are 15 of them.

This potato looks ridiculously like Kim Ks buttocks, like a genuine doppelganger. Having said that, we are going to assume Kims butt is not quite as spotted as this spud or contains as many dimples. Her butt has gone through two pregnancies now so we suppose anything is possible.