Flirting or making the first move with a guy that you’re into can seem intimidating, but it’s a vital skill in paving the road to your own happiness and finding a man that you’re fully into, and deserve. Here are some foolproof tips that won’t leave you with your foot in your mouth, and are guaranteed to leave him begging for more.

1. Wear red on the first date. A University of Rochester study shows men are more into woman who wear red versus women who didn’t. It doesn’t have to be an over-the-top dress – a sweater or top will do.

2. Turn your body towards him, including your feet. It shows that you are open. If you cross your legs, that shows less interest. Look at his lips when the two of you are talking – it will subtly implant the urge to kiss you.

3. Find a low-key way to touch his arm or shoulder. It’s a classic move that doesn’t involve a lot, but still gets the message across.