DNA. Its the building block of all life on this planet. Its what gives baboons their red butts and dragonflies their double sets of wings. Its what makes one person a genius and another a complete idiot. When it comes to the topic of nature/nurture, so much of who we are is based on nature, the DNA we get from our parents. When it comes to celebrities, we expect that their good looks will get passed down to their offspring. Sometimes it works out this way and sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes celebs who arent all that attractive do so well at mixing and matching their DNA that their kids come out gorgeous. These celebrity daughters prove that when DNA is mixed just right, the results are stunning.

Allison Williams

Allison Williams is the daughter of NBC news anchor, Brian Williams, who is a perfectly fine-looking guy, but not a stud by any means. But his and Allisons mothers DNA mixed just right to create her because she is absolutely gorgeous. Allison did not pursue journalism like her father but instead became an actress, appearing in the HBO series Girls and also starred in the NBC live performance of Peter Pan Live!