Hollywoods hottest celebrities are used to living a luxurious lifestyle. These are people that sleep on 5,000 threadcount sheets (we made that number up but we suspect celebrity thread-counts are astronomical), sip water that has been bottled by hand by little blonde children in the Alps (okay we made that up, too), and buy $200,000 cars with cash (that one is totes real). So it makes sense that many celebrities, who are used to having the finer things in life and getting their own way ALL of the time, would be Divas with a capital D!

Here are 15 of the biggest celebrity divas (AKA spoiled a**holes).

Nicki Minaj

Ugh, we dont know which is worse, when celebrities have high-falooting demands or ghetto demands. Nicki Manaj, according to her tour rider, demands buckets (with an s) of spicy friend chicken, a gallon of lemonade, two dozen roses (either pink or white nice shes so open-minded), and candles (but they have to smell like baked goods.)