12) Show a guy that you respect him. Appreciation and respect for a guy is more important than you may think. Show your crush your appreciation on everything he does, even with all his fails and flaws. Give him compliments but do all of this from your heart, because faking wont work well here.

15 Clever Tips On How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You 513) Be his friend. Being a girl that is playing hard to get actually doesnt work every time. Especially when you know you want a long-term relationship with a guy. Making your crush feel safe and secure with you is a key to a valuable relationship. Be supportive and understanding at first and you will feel his attraction.

14) Show him why youre special. Theres nothing wrong about showing off your good qualities and talents to the guy you like. Intrigue him and make him want to know you better. Im sure you have a lot of interesting hobbies and skills that makes you an interesting person!

15) What actually makes a guy fall in love with a girl? Feeling good and comfortable around her. Dont try to pretend you are a different person. Just be yourself, stay friendly and positive. Love yourself and you will be loved mightily in return!

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