8) Care about him. Your dream guy can be gallant but showing some care from your side will also come in handy here. A hint: guys love to eat. Make him a sandwich and let him feel weak in the knees immediately.

9) Switch on his testosterone button. Good thing girls can easily manipulate those things by showing off our legs or decollate. Emphasize your figure by wearing attractive dresses and make him think about you at least half an hour a day.

15 Clever Tips On How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You 410) Dont be afraid to ask him out. As long as you feel confident and in his league, theres no chance he will reject you, especially, if hes single and available.

11) Dont stress out. Remember: keep it cool. Yes, you may think about him all the time and dream about how the relationship will develop. But dont stop focusing on your life, continue seeing your friends, going to clubs, visiting the gym, spending time with your parents. This guy shouldnt ruin your career and study process.
Try not to make him think youre obsessed, because it can scare him away. It is important to understand, that you both have lives outside the relationship.
And please, dont check your phone every 3 minutes. This wont make him text you more.

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