4) Confidence is surely good, but dont forget to make him feel hes a real man. Its no secret, men enjoy it. Dont be afraid to ask him for help, make him feel needed, show him that you can rely on him and the guy will rely on you. This makes your relationship deeper, leading it to something called love. Ask him to open that jar.

5) Smile more. Why not to use your easiest weapon? Theres nothing to be shy about. Your irresistible smile will make you both feel happier. Now add that magical eye contact… Youre irresistible!

6) Try to be like him. Studies say that we are usually attracted to people, who resemble our interests, habits, facial expressions, appearance or personality. Considering this fact, you can manipulate a bit and increase his interest. But dont overdo! If youre not actually into GTA or diving, he will understand this in the near future. Faking your personality or hobbies may lead to disaster, however, you may actually try things you havent done before and find them interesting. Try to experiment. Or, if you already have similarities with him, try to emphasize them more.

7) Attract his touch. If you want to instantly attract hit attention, try wearing red clothes or use a red lipstick. This color increases passion in both men and women. Also, you can bring a nice soothing effect wearing pleasant textures he will want to touch. Pick clothing made of silk, microfiber or faux fur.

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